Guilin Daewoo strike CHINA-ASEAN EXPO

  This is the Tenth China – ASEAN Expo, this event coincides with the establishment of China ASEAN strategic partnership 10 anniversary, “regional cooperation and development, new opportunities, new power, new stage” become the Expo theme.With the establishment of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, both the tariff reduction, the prospects for cooperation between China and ASEAN countries is very wide.It’s a very good opportunity for Chinese enterprises to enter the ASEAN market.
  Guilin Daewoo attaches great importance to developing the overseas market.This year, the southeast Asian market,GL6129HC luxury bus has been focused.
  Several years of exhibition experience,Guilin Daewoo has a very big harvest on exporting to ASEAN countries.According to the different needs of customers, tailored high quality products.At present, Guilin Daewoo bus have been successfully exported to Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Burma, Singapore and other countries.Until August of 2013, Guilin Daewoo has exported nearly 500 units to ASEAN countries.